13 Things To Know About Juliska Tableware

13 Things To Know About Juliska Tableware

   Some of the best memories are made when family and friends are gathered around a table. It’s a tradition that dates back thousands of years and one that helps us remember to appreciate and enjoy some of the things that make life beautiful: family, friends, & food (and wine)! The phrase, “L’ Amour et Savoir Vivre” which translates into “Love & the art of knowing how to live well” is the mantra used by Juliska’s founders, David & Capucine Gooding, to describe their company. Here are 13 things about Juliska that you might not have known.

This whimsical collection, Berry & Thread Sea Life, came to life during a sun-splashed family holiday in Nazare, Portugal.

This whimsical collection, Berry & Thread Sea Life, came to life during a sun-splashed family holiday in Nazare, Portugal.

Puro Mist Grey Crackle (1)

Puro, Juliska’s latest introduction. The Portuguese reserve the word Puro for something that is truly alluring in its natural, un-contrived state like the windswept cliffs along their Iberian coastline.

  1. Juliska was founded in 2001 by an (English) husband & (French) wife team: Capucine and David Gooding.
  2. The Goodings were inspired by 40 Bohemian glasses from 17th century Europe they found in Paris.
  3. The company started with a line of mouth-blown glass drinking vessels from the Czech Republic.
  4. Over 85% of Juliska’s designs are produced in Northern Portugal, or around the city of Prague in the Czech Republic.
  5. Juliska is passionately “design-led” and launches over 150 new and unique products every year.
  6. Juliska’s stoneware is guaranteed to withstand the thermal shock of being transferred from freezer straight to a 500 degree oven – it’s tough!
  7. They have a full time ceramic technology & modelling team in Portugal making their original designs.
  8. The name “Juliska” is of Hungarian origin. Juliska is an actual person the Gooding’s met during their travels throughout Europe, she is a woman of great style, taste and warmth; she is their muse.
  9. Their quality control personnel discards 15% – 20% of the production to maintain their high standards.
  10. All of Juliska’s glass drinkware is dishwasher safe, even the Czech Bohemian glass!
  11. Juliska normally has 95% of their products in stock in their Connecticut warehouse, which means orders usually ship out immediately.
  12. Everything is designed by scratch and hand made.
  13. Capucine and David live in Connecticut with their 3 young daughters, and a 150lb Bernese, Sir Winston, Fluffy a chicken, Pepper the bunny, Felice the cockatiel, and their fish, Bob.


Garden Folly

Pictured are the Jardins du Monde and Field of Flowers collections. These collections were inspired by gardens around the world.

Watch this fun video on all the ways to mic and match your Juliska! 

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