Quality Bedding: Eastern Accents

Quality Bedding: Eastern Accents
On average, we spend of one third of our life in bed, and the bedding you use can make all the difference in a good night’s sleep. Aside from a comfortable bed, there are many reasons to invest in quality bedding. Not only will you sleep better than ever before, but you will also be amazed at how well they hold up over time. 
Eastern Accents
One of our favorite luxury bedding lines at Door County Nature Works is Eastern Accents. With a number of collections to choose from, Eastern Accents delivers quality. 

The points below are a few key components to look for when shopping for bedding.


  • Make sure to check all seams, that the design matches so it is almost as if it is one continuous piece of fabric.
  • Made by hand in the USA.
  • At Eastern Accents, every bolt of fabric coming into their factory is hand checked for any flaws or imperfections and not used if any found. 
  • Duvets and inserts that have 4 corner ties so that the duvet will not slip around when in use.
  • Use of fabrics from the highest mills available.
  • Feathers used in down products that are from the USA, so it is known that the process is humane and you know the quality of down you are getting.
  • At Eastern Accents every item is thoroughly inspected when getting ready to ship.

Eastern Accents Indira


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