Polly’s Mini Derby Pie

Polly’s Mini Derby Pie

If you didn’t have a chance to try one of Polly’s Mini Derby Pies at our Derby party here is the recipe for you! 

3 eggs, lightly beaten
1 C. white corn syrup
1 C. sugar
1 T. butter – melted
1 t. vanilla
2 Pillsbury pie crusts

In a large bowl combine first 5 ingredients.  Roll out pie crusts and flour the top and bottom.  Cut with a biscuit cutter and place in greased mini muffin cups. Each crust should fill a 24 cup mini muffin pan.  Place approx. 1/2 t. of chopped pecans and 1/2 t. mini chocolate chips in bottom of muffin cup.  Spoon liquid fill over the top until 3/4 full.  Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25 minutes.  Let cool and remove from pan.  Makes 48.


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