Floral Decorating Tips for Fall

Floral Decorating Tips for Fall

Fall Flower Decorating Tips

Some of the most vibrant flowers of the Mid-West are at their peek in late summer and early fall. This makes a great opportunity for some beautiful floral arrangements. 

Begin with flowers that would be available in the fall–sunflowers, mums, grasses, leaves, zinnias in deep hues.
Pick a container that doesn’t have a very large opening–it takes a lot of flowers to fill a bucket. If your vase has an opening up to 6 inches, you can use an Easy Arranger to hold your flowers in place, this also reduces the amount of flowers needed. Don’t limit yourself to a standard vase, a beautiful pitcher or basket work well too, this is your chance to get creative!
Usually I like to use tall flowers in the middle, and if I have only one of a great flower, I keep it in the center. Add flowers one at a time; a good rule of thumb is uneven numbers of the same flowers. If you have a very large amount, perhaps that is not as important.
Keep in mind you need different textures for interest. For example, bittersweet, grasses, very tiny or very large flowers make the arrangement more interesting.

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