How To Pick the Right Table Size

How To Pick the Right Table Size

How To Pick the Best Table SizeĀ 

Base your decision on the number of people you usually have at dinner and then add two more spaces. 24″ of width per person should be a comfortable amount to sit without bumping elbows. Allow 32″ between a table and a wall to allow easy access. Allow 38″ if people are also going to be walking back and forth behind the table. Square tables are best only if you have a larger room because you need more space in the corners to make it comfortable. Below are some popular table sizes.

Table People Room
Rectangular 36″ x 40″ 4 9′ x 12′
36″ x 78″ 6-8 10′ x 13’6″
36″ x 96″ 8-10 10’6″ x 15′
Round 42″ 4 10’6″ x 10’6″
48″ 6 11’6″ x 11’6″
60″ 8 13′ x 13′

A tablecloth should have a 6″-10″ drop. To select the right tablecloth, add approximately 12-20 inches to the actual length and width of your table. Allow 2-3″ for possible shrinkage. When in doubt, it is better to err on the larger side. If you cannot find round tablecloths, square work just as well on a round table.


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