Design Trends of 2015

Design Trends of 2015

We had a great time hosting Design Camp at Designworks, the food was fabulous and so were our guests! Polly and Stephanie introduced the latest interior design trends and our Lee Industries rep, Laura, talked about the latest trends in furniture.  Below are some of the trends we discussed.

  • Chalkboards! We have never seen so many things made out of chalkboards, everything from place mats, to wrapping paper. I think it’s safe to say this is one of the biggest trends this year.
  • The use of multiple colors in the same hue, for example, royal and aqua.
  • Pastel colors, especially pink, paired with a neutral color.
  • Speaking of neutrals, grays are definitely the hottest neutrals.
  • The mixing of metals – using gold and silver together.
  • Inspirational signs
  • Using a strong pop of color in a neutral room, such as yellow bar stools in an all white kitchen.
  • Wallpaper is back! And in a big way. Wallpaper can transform a room with its style-defining powers and can be used in a range of ways. It adds texture to any room, creates a focal point, makes a statement, and can make a small room feel bigger and big room feel cozier.
  • Gold, and  a lot of it! We have noticed a lot of gold accessories.

Hopefully this will help you get some ideas flowing for your next project. Give us a call and we can help you with any of your interior design needs. 920-868-3042.

What a wonderful group!

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